Easy Moussaka Recipe

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Easy Moussaka Recipe

I told you that I was on a vacation in the country, and there I found new sources of inspiration - as the neighbors found out that I have a website and that I put my recipes there, they immediately showed me some of their recipes, as well as all the magazines and cookbooks (many ...) that had them. In addition to everything, they periodically brought me something to taste, I will show you in the future a very good recipe to prepare zucchini from them.

Here you have a super delicious recipe, I didn't taste it there but the girls assured me that it is delicious and easy to prepare. Arriving in Bucharest in the very first week, I tried it - I didn't honestly expect it to be so good. All the ingredients are raw and cut, put layers of cheese between them, and after baking they melt in your mouth.

Very, very good, I recommend with confidence if you want to cook something very tasty, simple and fast.


1 kg
you can put any favorite meat (without bones) - namely in this recipe I put pork
White onion
3 pieces
Yellow cheese
400 g
4 pieces
2 pieces
500 g
or canned
1 tsp
0.25 tsp

Step by step

Step 1

Careful! The quantities are for a large oven tray with high edges preferably. If you want less, cut the quantities in half.

So grease the pan with a little oil. Wash the meat and cut it into small cubes, distribute it over the entire surface of the tray. Sprinkle a little salt and pepper over it.

Easy Moussaka Recipe - Step 1
Step 2

Peel and wash the vegetables. And start putting the other layers of vegetables over the meat.

Cut the onion according to your preference and place it on the meat.

Easy Moussaka Recipe - Step 2
Step 3

Then grate 200 g of the prepared cheese, ie half, on the whole surface.

Easy Moussaka Recipe - Step 3
Step 4

The potatoes are cut into straws and distributed over the entire surface.

Easy Moussaka Recipe - Step 4
Step 5

Then follow the grated carrots.

Easy Moussaka Recipe - Step 5
Step 6

And the last layer, that of chopped mushrooms.

Easy Moussaka Recipe - Step 6
Step 7

And the end - grate the other amount of cheese, distribute it evenly and put the tray in the oven.

The temperature is average, 180-200 degrees.

Easy Moussaka Recipe - Step 7
Step 8

Leave in the oven for about 1.30-2 hours, until you taste a moussaka potato and it is soft. If it browns too quickly, put an aluminum foil on top.

Easy Moussaka Recipe - Step 8
Step 9

Serve hot or heated with any favorite salad or pickles.

Good appetite!

Easy Moussaka Recipe - Step 9
Quantity: 2 kg (8-10 servings)
Prep time: 120 min
Difficulty: easy
Ready in: 30 min
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