Vegan Lentil Pate

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Vegan Lentil Pate

Now lentil pate - one of the best vegetarian pâtés, I didn't even think it could be so tasty, simple and cheap. You can see below that it is also prepared very quickly, lentils has the advantage of boiling much faster than other grains (beans, peas, chickpeas).

You should know that there are several types of lentils - green, brown, black or red - the green and brown ones are used for this pate.


200 g
White onion
2 pieces
Bell peppers
1 piece
Sunflower oil
3 tbsp
1 tbsp
Dried herbs(parsley, dill, etc)
1 tsp

Step by step


The lentils are boiled in a ratio of 1 unit of lentils to 3 units of water. When it starts to boil, put a whole onion in water, turn down the heat and let it boil until the lentils are soft - about 1 hour maximum, even less for some types of lentils.


During this time you can harden the onion. It is cooked in a healthy style as follows:

Put chopped onion, half a glass of water and 3 tablespoons of oil in the heated pan. Let it simmer over normal heat until the onion is well softened.


Because I put a mixture of organic dehydrated vegetables, I didn't use peppers. If you make them with fresh vegetables, put them in the oven with the onion in step 2.

When the vegetables are ready, add the dried spices, mix and turn off the heat.


Boiled lentils drain well through a sieve - be sure to drain well so that the pate is not too liquid.


Add the previously prepared vegetable mixture to the lentils.


Mix everything well with a vertical mixer, until a uniform paste is made.


Add salt to taste, mix well and the pate is ready.


Keep it on the firigder and serve on bread.

Good appetite!

Quantity: 500 g (an average bowl)
Prep time: 30 min
Difficulty: easy
Ready in: 40 min
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