Whole-Wheat Seeded Breadsticks

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Whole-Wheat Seeded Breadsticks

I propose a recipe for fasting and dietetics - the problem of any diet is the fact that we tend to nibble on something, so we stayed on the weekend and improvised, calculated, written (unfortunately it's hard to find recipes like this on the net ) and finally these delicious breadsticks came out. They were so good that I couldn't believe it, crispy, fragrant, salty and tasty.

I recommend with confidence and I even insist on trying them - in addition to vitamins and fiber, they are a treat for the soul of the one who cares about a healthy diet and is also a gourmet.


300 ml
Cane sugar
1 tsp
you can also add simple sugar
Bakers yeast
42 g
White flour
0.5 cups
Pumpkin seeds
3 tbsp
Sunflower seeds kernels
2 tbsp
Sesame seeds
1 tbsp
+ o.5 glasses of sesame seeds to sprinkle on top of breadsticks, you can also use poppy seeds
Flax seeds
2 tbsp
Sunflower oil
3 tbsp
1 tsp
plus sprinkle on top
Whole wheat flour
550 g
you can replace here some of the flour with 50-100g of rye flour
Egg whites
1 piece
we use it to grease breadsticks on top - in the fasting version use a little oil or a stronger black tea

Step by step


Heat the water and dissolve the sugar and yeast in it.


Add half a glass of white flour, mix well and leave the yeast to activate for 20-30 minutes.


During this time measure the seeds, mix them and pass them through the coffee grinder.


After the yeast has foamed, add the seeds to the composition - mix.


Then pour 3 tablespoons of oil, 1 teaspoon of salt and mix again.


And finally, the whole wheat flour works - mix well with a spoon until all the flour is incorporated, and then lightly with your hands to gather the dough. Do not actively knead it, because it may be a little more sticky.


Sprinkle a little flour on the table, take the dough out of the bowl and knead it lightly until it becomes uniform.


Put it back in the bowl, cover with a towel and let it grow well - 30-40 minutes.


After this time, take the dough out on the table and cut it into many small pieces.


Spread rolls as thin as possible from these pieces and cut them to the length you want the breadsticks to be.


Arrange them in a tray lined with baking paper, with small distances between them.


Mix the sesame seeds with a little salt, with this composition we will sprinkle the breadcrumbs on top.


Grease with a little egg white or oil and sprinkle with sesame / salt / poppy seeds.


Bake them in the oven over medium heat, until they brown nicely.

That's how you do it all, I had about 5 trays of breadcrumbs - they are made quickly - until some of them brown, you manage to prepare the next tray.

If you want less breadcrumbs, reduce the quantities proportionally, but I guarantee you will be sorry :)


Let it cool a bit then enjoy with pleasure :)


Oops, someone couldn't wait until I took the pictures - they were both fun and tasty :)

Good appetite!

Quantity: 700 g
Prep time: 60 min
Difficulty: intermediate
Ready in: 90 min
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