Bell Pepper Smoked Salmon Rolls

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Bell Pepper Smoked Salmon Rolls

They look beautiful and colorful on the festive table and are just as good - the whole thing is to get a piece of quality smoked salmon. Now it can be found at any hypermarket, so I suggest you try to diversify the holiday table with these rolls as well.


Smoked salmon
200 g
take the whole piece, not sliced
Red peppers
1 piece
Yellow bell peppers
1 piece
1 piece
or green pepper

Step by step


This is what my piece of smoked salmon looks like, I made it into a large platter with rolls and I have a little left.


I cut very thin slices of salmon, make sure you have a sharp knife here.


Count how many slices of fish you have left, double the number and you know how many slices of vegetables to make.

Cut the peppers and cucumbers into very fine and thin sticks, mostly from the peel.


Take a slice of fish, put a slice of pepper and cucumber - to be 3 colors and roll.

For the first rolls I took the whole slice of fish, but the rolls come out a bit thick - below you can see that I cut the slices in half and made thinner and finer rolls.


So you see, cut the slices in half and repeat the above procedure.

You can make them as you like, thicker or thinner.


Run nicely.


Arrange them on a plate, garnish with a little greenery and you're done - you have a beautiful, special and tasty appetizer.

Good appetite!

Quantity: 300 g (15-20 pieces)
Prep time: 15 min
Difficulty: easy
Ready in: 30 min
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Collections: Fish dishes, Appetizers

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