Mici Patties on Bread

Mici Patties on Bread

This is a great way of making grilled mici (Romanian dish) without having to shape them into sausages, especially if you have homemade mici paste (and I recommend doing so, it's not hard to make and it's worth it). The flavour of mici on the grill and the crispy baked bread go together very well, but I have 2 observations to make:

- you must be quick when roasting the bread on the grill, it can burn so easily if you don't pay attention. So, you need to be thoroughly organized, see below how I did it;

- don't grill too many patties, just enough for a meal. The next day, the bread will get soft, elastic and won't be crispy anymore, so it will lose its charm. It's better to reheat the normal sausage-shaped mici than the mici patties on bread.

I suggest trying them, it's an interesting, tasty and beautiful way of serving the mici. They go along perfectly with some pickles, salad and, of course, mustard!


Mici paste
500 g
you can find the recipe on my website or you can buy it already made
White bread
1 piece
whichever you prefer

Step by step


Prepare the mici paste at home, I recommend using my recipe, easy and accessible to everybody. It's already been tested loads of times and I've been told they are the best mici ever eaten.

Just make sure you prepare it the evening before.


Cut the bread into slices and place on the grill over (not very high) heat. Cook for a bit, only on one side.

It browns very quickly and it can burn within a few seconds, so you must be very careful!


Now remove from heat using some tongs and allow to cool down on a platter or plate for 5 minutes.


Spread some mici paste on the cooked side of each slice of bread, even out with a spoon.


Arrange the bread on a plate, don't put it on the grill just yet, wait until you've finished all the slices.


Then place on the grill meat side facing up and the uncooked bread side facing down.

Next time I'd like to try placing the slices meat side facing down. You can test it yourself and see how it's better.


I wanted to show you this picture as an example of what might happen - make sure the heat is not too high and stay very close to the grill. Bread cooks very quickly and we managed to burn some of it...

Then flip the slices of bread over, meat side facing down and cook until the meat is cooked through. It's better to use tongs here.


Serve warm, while bread is crispy and meat is tender.

They are great with mustard and homemade pickles, or a salad.


Quantity: 10 pieces
Prep time: 60 min
Difficulty: intermediate
Ready in: 120 min
Publish date:

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