Chinese Egg Fried Rice

Chinese Egg Fried Rice

This rice recipe might not have impressed me so much hadn't it been for a Chinese cuisine presentation, where I tasted it. Besides the fact that it's prepared very quickly, it can be either a meal as such or an interesting garnish for any other food. Rice matches perfectly all the other ingredients and you'll definitely impress a lot of people with this recipe. You can recycle left-over rice from other dishes or cook new rice.

There are many variants and combinations in the Chinese cuisine. I've tasted this one, tried making it and now I'm showing it to you as tested by me. Instead of cabbage, you can put beans, but I would still go for the cabbage, it gives the rice a sweet taste.


200 g
2 pieces
White cabbage
150 g
about 2 cabbage leaves
Red peppers
0.5 pieces
or you can use a chili pepper
White onion
1 piece
Sunflower oil
30 ml
0.5 tsp
0.5 tsp
Soy sauce
2 tbsp

Step by step

Step 1

Rinse the rice thoroughly and boil grain by grain. Choose the cooking method you like. Find some others as well, on the site.

I used Basmati rice. Cook, then let cool completely.

Chinese Egg Fried Rice - Step 1
Step 2

Beat 2 eggs and make a fried egg omelet.

Chinese Egg Fried Rice - Step 2
Step 3

Let cool and cut into thin slices.

Chinese Egg Fried Rice - Step 3
Step 4

Also, cut the cabbage as thinly as possible.

Chinese Egg Fried Rice - Step 4
Step 5

The peppers and the onions, too.

Chinese Egg Fried Rice - Step 5
Step 6

In a deep frying pan, heat the oil well, add the onions and peppers. Cook for 3-4 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Chinese Egg Fried Rice - Step 6
Step 7

Add the cabbage. Cook for 3-4 minutes. Stir periodically.

Chinese Egg Fried Rice - Step 7
Step 8

Now mix in the omelet. Leave for another minute.

Chinese Egg Fried Rice - Step 8
Step 9

Optionally, add turmeric, mix well.

Chinese Egg Fried Rice - Step 9
Step 10

Finally, toss the rice into the pan, mix well and leave over heat for 2-3 minutes.

Chinese Egg Fried Rice - Step 10
Step 11

Season with salt, to taste.

Chinese Egg Fried Rice - Step 11
Step 12

Optionally, add a little soy sauce. In this case, pay attention to how much salt you put, the sauce is already salty.

Chinese Egg Fried Rice - Step 12
Step 13

And it's ready. Serve as such or as an interesting garnish.


Chinese Egg Fried Rice - Step 13
Quantity: 500 g (4-5 servings)
Prep time: 20 min
Difficulty: easy
Ready in: 60 min
Publish date:

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