Keto Chicken Noodle Soup

Keto Chicken Noodle Soup

I was very surprised when I was praised and appreciated by the children for such a simple and common soup. Even more, I managed to impress my mother-in-law with this chicken soup! So, my conclusion is: the more I complicate things (this is for sour soups too), the result is the more likely to be unpredictable and not worth the effort. I came up with a chicken soup with a fine taste, very good for diets, for children, the elderly, people with digestive problems etc.

The base is clear chicken broth, of course, and you can later add to it anything you like - classic noodles, semolina dumplings, egg noodles (like omelette). My children like to add 1-2 tablespoons of canned sweet corn. I recommend choosing a slow-growing chicken, more organic. If you have resources from the country, even better!


2 kg
you can also use cuts of chicken - back, thighs etc
5 pieces
Celery root
1 piece
1 piece
2 pieces
Bell pepper
1 piece
Vegetable oil
2 tbsp
Chopped parsley
2 tbsp
Laurel leaves
2 pieces
1 tbsp
to taste

Step by step

Step 1

First of all, I slice the chicken, then wash and clean thoroughly. Place in a large 5-liter pot.

As mentioned above, choose slow-growing chicken for a whole taste and delicious soup.

Keto Chicken Noodle Soup - Step 1
Step 2

Add in the celery root, parsnip, 1 onion, 1 bell pepper and maybe a carrot - all whole or cut into large pieces.

Pour cold water enough to cover the meat and vegetables properly.

Keto Chicken Noodle Soup - Step 2
Step 3

Place over heat and, when it comes to the boil, carefully skim off foam.

Add in 2 bay leaves and turn heat to low.

Keto Chicken Noodle Soup - Step 3
Step 4

Let simmer for 1 hour - 1 hour and a half - until the meat is soft and well cooked.

I prefer to keep the lid on the pot ajar and I really pay attention not to boil it too hard, it just needs to simmer gently.

Keto Chicken Noodle Soup - Step 4
Step 5

After this time I turn off heat, close the lid well and let the soup with all the vegetables and meat infuse for another 1 hour - to release as much flavor and taste as possible.

You can as well skip this step and continue without.

Keto Chicken Noodle Soup - Step 5
Step 6

Look at the color of our soup after an hour, I assure you that the taste is no less impressive!

Keto Chicken Noodle Soup - Step 6
Step 7

Now remove the meat and vegetables from the pot, you can strain the broth through a sieve to take away any bits of vegetables or meat.

I use the meat to make Chicken with Cream and the veggies for a Beef Salad, but most of the times I throw them away.

Keto Chicken Noodle Soup - Step 7
Step 8

Crack the 5 eggs into a deep plate and beat well with a pinch of salt.

Keto Chicken Noodle Soup - Step 8
Step 9

Heat well a medium-sized pan, grease with a little oil and pour 1 ladle at a time of the egg mixture.

We are making a kind of thin pancake-omelets.

Keto Chicken Noodle Soup - Step 9
Step 10

Brown them nicely on both sides, easily flip with a spatula.

Keto Chicken Noodle Soup - Step 10
Step 11

I made 6-7 thin pancakes out of these quantities.

Cut them into longwise strips, about 2-3 cm wide.

Keto Chicken Noodle Soup - Step 11
Step 12

Then, as with the classic noodles, slice as thinly and finely as possible.

Keto Chicken Noodle Soup - Step 12
Step 13

Add these omelette noodles to the pot with clear broth, turn on the heat and bring to a boil.

Keto Chicken Noodle Soup - Step 13
Step 14

Season with salt to taste, add chopped parsley. According to my grandmother's method, I also put a very finely chopped onion (it's optional, but it tastes good and the soup won't ferment :).

Let everything boil for another minute and turn off heat.

Keto Chicken Noodle Soup - Step 14
Step 15

Cover the pot with a lid and let the soup infuse for 15-30 minutes before serving.

Keto Chicken Noodle Soup - Step 15
Step 16

As my mother says, this is not common soup, it's medicine!

Very fine, with full and gentle taste, elegant, pleasant - I really think you should consider it.


Keto Chicken Noodle Soup - Step 16
Quantity: 4 l (1 large pot of 4-5 liters)
Prep time: 120 min
Difficulty: easy
Ready in: 30 min
Publish date:
Collections: Soups, Diet food

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