Chocolate Buckwheat Cookies

Chocolate Buckwheat Cookies

I was very surprised by the taste of these chocolate buckwheat cookies. My children don't even know what the cookies they liked so much for breakfast today were made from. The taste of buckwheat is perfectly concealed by the flavors of cocoa and cinnamon, so you can use the recipe even for the most reluctant to the taste of buckwheat. This way, you can enjoy gluten-free and egg-free biscuits without worries, also with additional intakes of phosphorus, magnesium and vitamin P.

Buckwheat is the food which is always present in our diet. I periodically cook it as garnish for meat or together with meat. Still, I haven't had the courage to try new recipes with buckwheat flour until now. However, during this period I've been playing with some ideas and I can tell you that it's wonderful in biscuits, pancakes and any kind of cakes or bread you want to try.


Buckwheat flour
200 g
Cacao powder
3 tbsp
120 g
you can reduce the amount or replace with brown sugar
Cinnamon powder
1 tsp
Baking powder
0.5 tsp
0.25 tsp
a tad
Sour cream
300 g
classic fermented sour cream, any fat percentage, can be combined with yogurt
Vanilla Extract
1 tsp
Vegetable oil
2 tbsp
you can use classic odorless oil, or coconut oil

Step by step

Step 1

First, measure the exact amount of buckwheat flour and place in a bowl.

Another option would be grinding the buckwheat grains, in case you can't find flour or you're in a hurry, but it may have a slightly coarser texture.

Chocolate Buckwheat Cookies - Step 1
Step 2

Add in 3 tablespoons of cocoa (notice I used darker cocoa), 120g of sugar, 0.5 teaspoon of baking powder, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon and a teaspoon of salt.

Mix well to combine with a spoon or a whisk.

Chocolate Buckwheat Cookies - Step 2
Step 3

Pour 300g of sour cream, 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence and 2 tablespoons of oil.

Stir the dough with a spatula or a spoon.

Chocolate Buckwheat Cookies - Step 3
Step 4

Now you'll have to knead with your hands (or a mixer, if you have one).

At the end, you'll get a slightly sticky batter, uniform in color and texture. Even if it's a little sticky, don't add flour, otherwise the biscuits will be too hard and dry.

Chocolate Buckwheat Cookies - Step 4
Step 5

Scoop out a little batter.

Chocolate Buckwheat Cookies - Step 5
Step 6

 Shape into a ball about the size of a walnut.

Because the batter is kind of sticky, after shaping 3-4 balls, you'll need to wash the hands in order to be able to work easily.

Chocolate Buckwheat Cookies - Step 6
Step 7

Arrange the balls on a large baking tray lined with parchment.

Press on each of them with your fingers, to flatten.

Chocolate Buckwheat Cookies - Step 7
Step 8

From this dough, you'll get about 30 biscuits or 1 full tray and a small one.

Bake the biscuits in the preheated oven at 180 degrees C for 20-25 minutes.

Chocolate Buckwheat Cookies - Step 8
Step 9

After baking, you must let cool completely for a perfect texture and the most satisfactory taste.

Chocolate Buckwheat Cookies - Step 9
Step 10

These cookies are wonderful and, since they passed my children's test, you'll definitely save the recipe and savour for breakfast or as a healthy gluten-free dessert.


Chocolate Buckwheat Cookies - Step 10
Quantity: 30 pieces
Prep time: 60 min
Difficulty: easy
Ready in: 30 min
Publish date:
Collections: Cookies, Diet desserts, Desserts

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