Asparagus and Pesto Pizza Recipe

Asparagus and Pesto Pizza Recipe

Embrace asparagus season with this mouthwatering Asparagus and Pesto Pizza recipe. Combine the earthy flavor of asparagus with the rich taste of homemade pesto sauce for a delightful and unique pizza experience. Add optional prosciutto cotto or your choice of ham for extra savoriness, or keep it simple with just asparagus and pesto.

We absolutely adored this recipe and will be making asparagus pesto pizza throughout the season. Even Sofia declared it her new favorite pizza!


Pizza dough
2 pieces
see Step 1 for recipe link
Pesto sauce
4 tbsp
see Step 2 for recipe link
500 g
15 pieces
Prosciutto cotto
6 pieces
6 slices, optional

Step by step


Prepare pizza dough according to your preferred recipe. (Find my pizza dough recipe here.)

Allow dough balls to rest, lightly coated with olive oil to prevent dry crust formation.


Prepare homemade pesto sauce (recipe available here) or use store-bought if necessary.


Wash the asparagus thoroughly, ensuring the ends are not woody. Snap off the ends where they naturally break.

Peel the thicker stalks if necessary. Fresh garden asparagus may not require peeling, as it's usually tender.



Roll out the pizza dough using your hands or a rolling pin, and place it on a pizza pan or baking paper.

We prefer baking on parchment paper, following Gennaro's pizza recipe method.


Spread 2 tablespoons of pesto sauce over the pizza dough.


Evenly distribute grated mozzarella or mozzarella slices on the pizza.


Add asparagus, cut into smaller stalks, on top.


Alternatively, arrange whole asparagus stalks.


Optionally, add thinly sliced ham like prosciutto cotto on the asparagus.


Bake the pizza in a preheated oven at 200 degrees C or 250 degrees C until evenly browned. (Follow Gennaro's pizza recipe instructions if baking on an inverted oven tray.)


Serve the asparagus pizza hot and enjoy this delicious and unique dish!

Good appetite!

Quantity: 2 pieces
Difficulty: easy
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