Tuna Pizza Recipe

Tuna Pizza Recipe

One of the best combinations, although it sounded a bit strange to me at first, I changed my mind...

I suggest trying it and, if you want to make it veggie, just replace the yellow cheese with vegan cheese or tofu.

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1 serving


Canned tuna
300 g
about 2 tuna cans, well drained
Tomatoes sauce
100 g
you can use ketchup or tomato sauce for pizza - or mix tomato paste with a little oil, water, salt, dried garlic and basil
Yellow cheese
400 g
2 pieces
I had dried tomatoes in olive oil
Bell pepper
1 piece
White onion
1 piece
100 g

Step by step

Step 1

Prepare the base following the Classic Pizza Dough Recipe on my website. 

After placing the pizza dough onto the baking sheet, brush it with pizza sauce and, optionally, season with some pizza spices.

Tuna Pizza Recipe - Step 1
Step 2

Next comes the grated yellow cheese.

Tuna Pizza Recipe - Step 2
Step 3

Then scatter over the tuna, well drained. I also added dried tomatoes, you can add thin slices of fresh tomatoes.

Tuna Pizza Recipe - Step 3
Step 4

And thin slices of pepper, onion and olives - optionally, you could add canned corn.

Try not to use too many ingredients, I know we want as much as possible, but sometimes less is more :)

Tuna Pizza Recipe - Step 4
Step 5

Bake in the preheated oven at 180 degrees C for about 30-35 minutes - until golden brown on the edges.

Remove from the oven, let stand in the pan for 5 minutes, then serve with great pleasure :)


Tuna Pizza Recipe - Step 5
Quantity: 500 g (2 pizza)
Prep time: 60 min
Difficulty: easy
Ready in: 40 min
Publish date:

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