Farmers Cheese Donuts

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Farmers Cheese Donuts

In our country they were made at all events - weddings, birthdays, etc. and must be served with plenty of honey on the plate. I really like that they are delicious and warm or cold, even after 1-2 days. The dough is similar to that of Romanian papanasi, only that the shape and the way of presentation differ a little. I make them quite often, many ask me for the recipe, and I said to put them on the site, so that I don't have much to tell everyone.

The quantities of flour can vary depending on the type of cheese used, I would recommend taking for something like this always drier cheese, without much whey.


Farmers cheese
500 g
choose drier cheese
1 piece
2 tbsp
to taste
Baking soda
0.5 tsp
White flour
4 tbsp
plus flour for working on the table
0.25 tsp
Vanilla Extract
1 tbsp
Sunflower oil
500 ml
for frying
5 tbsp
to taste
Powdered sugar
1 tsp

Step by step


Put cheese, egg, salt, sugar, baking soda, vanilla in a bowl, mix.


Add flour, mix with a spoon.


Sprinkle a lot of flour on the work table and with a spatula / spoon remove the dough from the bowl.

It is normal for the dough to be more sticky, if you put a lot of flour in it, the papanas will be hard and not tender at all.


Gently level the dough ball with your hands, it helps you with a lot of flour not to stick to your hands.


Cut small pieces of dough with a knife - about the size of a walnut.


Take each piece with your hands sprinkled with flour and form small balls.


Heat the oil well in a deeper pan or pan - make sure the oil level is high enough for the papanas to float in it. That's why I use small tuci to make 2-3 rounds of papanasi, but the oil level can be higher at a relatively lower amount of oil.


After you have hardened the oil well and put the papanas to be fried, make sure that it is a medium heat - so that it is done freely and does not crow.

You look good on both sides.


Remove them on a paper towel and let the oil drain.


They are served so simple with honey poured over them - it drips under the papanasi and on the table they look as if they are floating in honey.


And possibly / optionally sprinkle with powdered sugar.

Good appetite!

Quantity: 700 g
Prep time: 20 min
Difficulty: intermediate
Ready in: 30 min
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