Spinach (Palak ) Chicken Curry

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Spinach (Palak ) Chicken Curry

To be honest, we eat more fresh spinach, in salads and very rarely when I cook it - I was not used to this taste of boiled spinach and it was a bit difficult to go to us. It is one of the best combinations - tasty, healthy and you will surely enjoy your family with it.

Ever since I discovered this Indian spinach chicken curry, I have repeated it about 3 times and every time there is nothing left on the plates. Now the frozen spinach reserves are mandatory, it is more convenient to use, especially in winter.

Palak Murgh (as it is called in Indian) is a very popular food in Indian restaurants, even this recipe is from an Indian chef's book, little adapted to European tastes.

So, I forgot - the best serving is of course with basmati rice, but you can also eat it as such, or with potatoes / pasta / cuouscous, etc.


Chicken breast
600 g
or boneless chicken leg
Frozen spinach
300 g
or fresh
White onion
1 piece
Garlic cloves
6 pieces
Chilli pepper
1 piece
Fresh shredded ginger
1 tsp
Heavy cream (32% fat)
3 tbsp
0.25 tsp
a quarter teaspoon, you can optionally add a little more paprika
Ground coriander
0.5 tsp
0.25 tsp
Sunflower oil
1 tbsp
plus optional 1 tablespoon butter
1 tbsp
to taste

Step by step

Step 1

Prepare all the ingredients in advance:

- Cut the onion into cubes, grind the garlic, grind the ginger into small pieces, cut the pepper into pieces.

Spinach (Palak ) Chicken Curry - Step 1
Step 2

- Cut the chicken into small pieces.

Spinach (Palak ) Chicken Curry - Step 2
Step 3

- Prepare the spices on a plate.

Spinach (Palak ) Chicken Curry - Step 3
Step 4

And now we begin the cooking process.

Heat the oil well in a pan, add the onion and garlic - cook for 2-3 minutes.

Spinach (Palak ) Chicken Curry - Step 4
Step 5

Then add the chicken, stir periodically and cook for about 7-10 minutes.

Spinach (Palak ) Chicken Curry - Step 5
Step 6

Add the peppers, ginger, turmeric, paprika, cumin and coriander to the chicken - stir and leave for 2-3 minutes.

Spinach (Palak ) Chicken Curry - Step 6
Step 7

Then put the frozen spinach cubes - it is often recommended to defrost it and pass it well (to be like a sauce), I don't pass it anymore, I put it so directly.

If you have fresh spinach - wash it, scald it and pass it well - then add it to the food.

Spinach (Palak ) Chicken Curry - Step 7
Step 8

The spinach will thaw and the food starts to boil - leave on medium heat-slowly for another 10 minutes - don't forget to stir periodically.

After this time, add salt to taste, liquid cream and optionally a tablespoon of butter. Stir and simmer for another 5 minutes.

Spinach (Palak ) Chicken Curry - Step 8
Step 9

And ready, enjoy - I assure you you will forget about the bread - especially if you serve it with some indian lemon rice.

Good appetite!

Spinach (Palak ) Chicken Curry - Step 9
Quantity: 1 kg (3-4 servings)
Prep time: 40 min
Difficulty: easy
Ready in: 15 min
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