Plum Dumplings

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Plum Dumplings

I also ended up making the recipe for plum dumplings, I have been planning for a long time and now it's his turn. I found plums suitable for small, all the "stars" aligned perfectly with the children and the house, to have time to work on the recipe.

We all liked them, I recommend you to try them with other fruits when it is not plum season. I was a little skeptical of the dough, but I didn't feel the taste and texture of the potatoes at all, only that it is very fine and tender.

Next time I repeat the recipe for plum dumplings, I will make them from quarters of fruit, to be a single sip, so I think the taste of plum with dough and flavored breadcrumbs will feel more uniform.


Mashed potatoes
500 g
see step 1
White flour
125 g
+ a little more to work the dough
1 piece
Sunflower oil
0.5 tbsp
1 kg
choose plums as small as possible, mine were medium
9 tbsp
Cinnamon powder
1 tsp
50 g
Bread crumbs
150 g

Step by step


You can make mashed potatoes in several ways, it would be best to bake the potatoes and dig them out of the core.

I made it even simpler, boiled them without peeling, then as soon as they were ready I drained all the water from them and pissed them so hot.

Leave it to cool, it can be done 1-2 days before then keep it in the fridge.


Then we take care of the plums, wash them well, cut them with a knife to the middle, and carefully remove the seeds.

If the plums are small, leave them whole in dumplings, if they are bigger, cut them into suitable pieces.


Sprinkle 3 tablespoons of sugar over the plums and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon, set aside.


Now, melt the butter in a pan, add the breadcrumbs and mix well and periodically until nicely browned.


When browned enough, turn off the heat, add sugar and optionally a little vanilla, essence, powder or seeds.


After all this we start to make the dumpling dough.

I actually weighed 500g of puree, what was left I used as a garnish for another meal.

Put the egg and oil over the potatoes, a little salt.


Add the flour and mix well with your hands. You will get a more sticky and soft dough, but do not add more flour, otherwise the dumplings will not be tender.


Take it out on the table sprinkled with flour and knead it a little, just to even it out. Help yourself with a little flour so that it doesn't stick to the table.


Then cut it into suitable pieces, about the size of a walnut. But here it depends on how you have plums, whole or pieces.

You will see when you start to form the dumplings (even make a sample) about how big the dough pieces are.


So, sprinkle your hands with flour, take a piece of dough and flatten it on your palm.

If you have a whole plum, put it cut down on the dough and glue the edges so that it covers it completely.


Something like that. Make it a little more uniform in the palm of your hand, so that it is like a smooth ball.


From these quantities I made 18 medium-sized dumplings, I arranged them on the table sprinkled with flour.


Put a pan of water on the fire (you can put it while shaping the dumplings), so that the pan is about half full of water.

When it starts to boil, add 3 tablespoons of sugar to the water, if you want the dumplings to be sweeter.


When the water starts to boil, turn down the heat and bring the dumplings to a boil.

At first they go to the bottom and then rise to the surface, if they stick to the bottom of the pan, shake it lightly or peel it carefully with a spatula.

Let it simmer for 10-15 minutes, depending on how cooked you want the plums to be. You can leave them for 5 minutes, but the plums will be a little raw.

I boiled the dumplings in 2 rounds, 9 at a time, in a pan with a volume of 5 liters.


After they have boiled, put them directly in the pan with breadcrumbs and roll them on all sides.


Serve them hot or cold, I liked them cold, but it depends on your preferences.

Good appetite!

Quantity: 700 g (18-20 pieces)
Prep time: 30 min
Difficulty: intermediate
Ready in: 120 min
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