Pickle Salad

Pickle Salad

In the cold season, assorted pickle salad is the best solution and is very suitable as a healthy garnish for many dishes with meat, potatoes, rice, buckwheat etc. Here you can combine all the pickles you prepared in the hot season, either in brine or in vinegar. Now you can enjoy the benefits of your hard work. I prepare this pickle salad the way my mother used to ever since I've known myself. The main ingredient is pickled cabbage (whole pickled or chopped) and sauteed onions, which are a must and my secret winning ingredient.

Alongside, you can add anything else you have in your pantry or refrigerator. See below what pickles I like to use in winter, I'd say they are essential in my kitchen every season. They are full of color, probiotics, vitamins, very fresh, crispy - you will find links in the steps to each specific recipe so you won't miss them in the next season!

The quantities of ingredients are not exact, you can adjust the ratio according to taste and possibilities. At home, my mother used to make salad only with sauerkraut if she didn't have other vegetables, so as I said above, it is the key ingredient.


500 g
Pickled cucumbers
3 pieces
Red peppers in vinegar
5 pieces
if they are pickled together with cauliflower, add that too
Fermented green tomatoes
4 pieces
Pickled onion
2 tbsp
see the link to the quick recipe below, in the steps. You can also add pickled carrots or pickled mushrooms here - the same, see the link in the steps below.
White onion
1 piece
you can also add leek here
Vegetable oil
50 ml
Salt and pepper
0.5 tsp
adjust to taste
3 pieces
3 sprigs, it's optional and you can also add dried tomatoes in olive oil

Step by step


First, heat half of the julienned white onions in oil. When browned, turn off the heat and let cool a bit, until we prepare the other ingredients for the salad.


Place the sauerkraut in a large salad bowl - if the sauerkraut is already chopped, just drain a little. If the cabbage is pickled whole, finely chop it, drain and place in the bowl.

My recipe for chopped sauerkraut here.

My whole sauerkraut recipe here.


Add the pickles to the cabbage, cut into slices.

I most often use the pickled cucumbers in brine recipe.

But you can also use pickles in vinegar if you like, or you have.


Then add the pickled peppers and cauliflower in vinegar, if you have them together, finely chopped.

I normally use Peppers in vinegar, cold.


And then add the sliced pickled green tomatoes.

I use pickled green tomatoes, a great recipe, don't miss it!


Now I put the pickled onions, you can skip if you don't have them. You can also add pickled carrot noodles according to this recipe, and pickled mushrooms.

The quick pickled onion recipe is here.


Pour over the sauteed onions.


Add a half of chopped raw onion, or sliced raw leek.


Sprinkle with a little ground black pepper on top (you will adjust the taste with salt after mixing the salad).


Using 2 forks, mix all the ingredients carefully.

Taste and season with salt if needed, as the salad is pickled, it may not need extra salt. Try and see for your taste.


The green dill fits wonderfully here, I tasted it in a restaurant and it looked great with the pickles.

You can also add dried tomatoes in olive oil , or 1-2 tablespoons of vegetable salad for the winter .


I usually score with this salad - my husband and kids love it. You can combine it as a garnish with any barbecue, potatoes, pilaf, buckwheat, beans etc.

Also, here you can find my favorite pickles. Make these recipes in the summer and I can assure you they are wonderful!


Quantity: 1500 g
Prep time: 30 min
Difficulty: easy
Ready in: 30 min
Publish date:

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