Easy Carrot Cookies

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Easy Carrot Cookies

I made these carrot cookies for those who like to nibble on something sweet and that cooks super fast. The biscuits are crispy, sweet, the carrot does not feel but gives them an interesting color and texture - I say they are perfect for children.


Finely grated peeled carrots
1 cup
200 g
100 g
Baking powder
2 tsp
White flour
350 g

Step by step


Grate the carrot on the smallest grater holes, for a cup will go about 250g of whole carrots.


Mix the butter well with the sugar, if it doesn't work with a spoon - use your hands :)


Add the grated carrot, mix well.


Add flour and baking powder.


Knead a suitable hard dough.


Form with your balls, flatten them a little and arrange them on a tray greased with butter or spread with baking paper.


Leave in the oven for about 30 minutes, until lightly browned. Before enjoying them, let them cool a bit.

Good appetite!

Quantity: 1 kg (about 30-40 pcs)
Prep time: 45 min
Difficulty: easy
Ready in: 30 min
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Source: say7.info
Collections: Cookies, Desserts

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