Lecho Canned Red Peppers

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Lecho Canned Red Peppers

And I will continue this week with some of my basic canning recipes. One of them, the newest in the collection, is this recipe for peppers in tomato sauce. From what I found out on the internet, from the origins of the recipe, it is a Hungarian food - which can be made as such, or can be preserved for the winter.

It is very simple to prepare, with only 2 ingredients - and the unexpectedly good result, as proof - I let a plate from the lesson cool down and try it on the 2nd day of the morning, to make the final picture for the site. In the morning when I came to the kitchen, half of the plate disappeared - and I saw my husband smiling and telling me how good she was and come to her again.

I get 10 liters of food out of this amount of ingredients - so about 13 jars of 780 ml, I recommend making half of the ingredients, and then repeat if you see next year that it is not enough.

It goes very well on bread, with other dishes like salad, or added to dishes. It has the aromatic taste of tomatoes, bell peppers and a little sweetness from sugar and salt added exactly as needed.


4 kg
or 4 liters of mashed tomatoes, or thicker tomato juice
Bell pepper
5 kg
1 cup
2 tbsp
Sunflower oil
1 cup
2 tbsp
9% vinegar

Step by step

Step 1

The tomatoes are washed, cleaned and passed through a mincer.

Lecho Canned Red Peppers - Step 1
Step 2

Put the mashed tomatoes on the fire, add the sugar, salt and oil, mix well.

Attention, this amount of ingredients requires a 10 liter pan, if you do not use a 5 liter in 2 rounds.

Lecho Canned Red Peppers - Step 2
Step 3

While the tomatoes are boiling, peel and cut the peppers into long slices about 1-2 cm wide.

Lecho Canned Red Peppers - Step 3
Step 4

When the mashed tomatoes start to boil, add the chopped peppers. Don't be scared if it doesn't fit right away, the peppers soften quickly and they all fit. When it starts to boil again, turn down the heat and let it simmer for 30 minutes.

Lecho Canned Red Peppers - Step 4
Step 5

Until the composition boils, wash the jars and let them drain.

Then after 30 minutes, take the pan off the heat, add the vinegar, mix well and put the lesson in jars.

Lecho Canned Red Peppers - Step 5
Step 6

Staple the jars tightly to keep air out and allow them to cool completely.

Lecho Canned Red Peppers - Step 6
Step 7

As I said above, this food goes well as a salad, vegetable garnish, on bread in the morning, as a vegetable dish and as an addition to food. It is absolutely delicious.

I say the perfect option for a housewife.

Good appetite!

Lecho Canned Red Peppers - Step 7
Quantity: 10 l (13 jars)
Prep time: 60 min
Difficulty: intermediate
Ready in: 120 min
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