Eggplant Spread with Sun-Dried Tomatoes

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Eggplant Spread with Sun-Dried Tomatoes

It is not complicated to make an eggplant spread, but finding variations of flavors and tastes is a matter of time, testing and information. That's what I said to experiment and I threw a slice of dried tomato in eggplant - the result was far beyond expectations. I usually made it with mayonnaise, I didn't really like it with oil (it only went fasting) - but this option is also fasting and very delicious - the tomatoes seem to give it a special aroma and a more intense and pronounced taste.


1 piece
Sun-dried tomatoes in oil
2 pieces
2 halves
White onion
0.5 pieces
0.5 tsp
to taste

Step by step


Bake the eggplants well - on the stove, oven, grill or on an older pan / tray.

Then clean them and let them drain well in a sieve.


And having the tomatoes ready (stored in the fridge or pantry or bought) we make the salad. Don't forget the onion.


Put the eggplant and dried tomato slices in a mixer / blender.


They care to be a uniform paste.


Chop  the onions.


By knife or the stand mixer.


And forget how nicely it was shredded - perfect for salad.


Put the eggplant and onion in a bowl, mix well and season with salt.


And ready, garnish the salad with tomato slices and a little aromatic oil in which the tomatoes were.

Good appetite!

Quantity: 500 g (4-5 servings)
Prep time: 15 min
Difficulty: intermediate
Ready in: 60 min
Publish date:

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