Green Tuna Salad

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Green Tuna Salad

My husband doesn't cook much, but there are days when I have to take another break, or I'm too busy with others around the house - then he intervenes with some foods that are sure to come out and are simple and quick to prepared. One of the dishes is this tuna salad, invented and adapted by him along the way, depending on what greens we find in the market or at the supermarket.

In winter I made it with Iceberg salad, spinach and Chinese salad, some tomatoes, onions.

So adapt the recipe with what greens you have around the house or in the market, it comes out delicious, fast, filling and even dietary.


Salad greens
300 g
about a medium bowl of leaves - lettuce, spinach, radish, green onions, etc.
Canned tuna
160 g
usually use tuna in oil - and don't put any more oil in the salad
0.5 pieces
juice from it
Salt and pepper
0.5 tsp
to taste - I also add herbs from Provence, when I have them.

Step by step


All the leaves are washed, drained and cut / broken in a salad bowl. Make sure there is room to mix in it, so choose a larger bowl.


Add the canned tuna with the oil - grind it a little with a fork.


Add lemon, salt, pepper and mix well.


And that's about it, serve it as such or with a dish of potatoes, rice, buckwheat - whatever you like.

Good appetite!

Quantity: 500 g (3-4 servings)
Prep time: 10 min
Difficulty: easy
Ready in: 10 min
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Collections: Salads, Diet salads

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