Shanghai Chicken

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Shanghai Chicken

From what I've seen on the net, there are a lot of Shanghai chicken recipes - I've tried a few, but this is a very successful one. I really recommend you try it, it is a good variation on classic fried chicken or other meat dishes.


Chicken breast
2 pieces
Use boneless and skinless chicken breast.
6 pieces
Bread crumbs
500 g
Sesame seeds
100 g
Garlic cloves
6 pieces
White flour
400 g
1 tbsp
1 tsp
1 tsp
Curry powder
1 tsp
Dried basil
1 tsp

Step by step

Step 1

Wash the chicken breast well and cut into thin, long slices.

Shanghai Chicken - Step 1
Step 2

Put all the chicken pieces in a bowl, grind the garlic over it and mix well - distribute the garlic evenly through the meat.

Shanghai Chicken - Step 2
Step 3

Put flour, salt and the rest of the spices in a clean and airtight bag. I put what I had in the house, I recommend using at least 80% of the ones I put here in the recipe (the meat should be well flavored).

Shanghai Chicken - Step 3
Step 4

Close the bag, shake well to mix all the spices with the flour. Then put all the meat in the bag, close again and shake well.

Shanghai Chicken - Step 4
Step 5

Shake the bag well so that each piece of meat is covered with flour.

Shanghai Chicken - Step 5
Step 6

Pass each piece of meat through well-beaten eggs.

Shanghai Chicken - Step 6
Step 7

Then through the breadcrumbs mixed with sesame and a little salt.

Shanghai Chicken - Step 7
Step 8

Then fry them in a pan with hot oil over medium heat to cook the meat well.

Shanghai Chicken - Step 8
Step 9

Brown them well on all sides.

Shanghai Chicken - Step 9
Step 10

And take out on a plate to cool.

Shanghai Chicken - Step 10
Step 11

They are very good warm with any favorite vegetable garnish, pickled carrots or pickled mushrooms .

Good appetite!

Shanghai Chicken - Step 11
Quantity: 1 kg (8 servings)
Prep time: 60 min
Difficulty: intermediate
Ready in: 20 min
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